Popular Acoustic Artists of the 20th Century

1. Here We Go Once more – (featuring Norah Jones)

2. Sweet Potato Pie – (featuring James Taylor)

3. You Do not Know Me – (featuring Diana Krall)

4. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – (featuring Elton John)

5. Fever – (featuring Natalie Cole)

6. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? – (featuring Bonnie Raitt)

7. It Was A Incredibly Good Year – (featuring Willie Nelson)

8. Hey Girl – (featuring Michael McDonald)

9. Sinner’s Prayer – (featuring B.B. King)

10. Heaven Support Us All – (featuring Gladys Knight)

11. More than The Rainbow – (featuring Johnny Mathis)

12. Insane Love – (live, featuring Van Morrison)


Personnel contain: Ray Charles (vocals, piano) B.B. King, Willie Nelson (vocals, guitar) Bonnie Raitt (vocals, slide guitar) Norah Jones (vocals, piano) Michael McDonald (vocals, keyboards) Diana Krall, Elton John, James Taylor , Johnny Mathis, Van Morrison, Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight (vocals) Danny Jacob, George Marinelli, Jeff Mironov, Michael Landau, Michael Thompson , George Doering, Charles Fearing, Irv Kramer (guitar) Randy Waldman (piano, keyboards) Alan Pasqua (piano) Billy Preston (Hammond b-3 organ) Michael Beardon (keyboards) David Hayes, Abraham Laboriel, Trey Henry, Tom Fowler (bass guitar) James Gadson, Jim Keltner, Ray Brinker, Shawn Pelton (drums) Bashiri Johnson (percussion).

There is a particular charm and allure added when it comes to an acoustic guitar. Only when you witness a frenzied crowd of fans immersed in the music do you commence definitely comprehend the acoustic guitar’s energy. Even though an electric guitar can be argued to be more well-liked due to its glitz and glamour, it can never replace the charm of the acoustic guitar. Thanks to the talent of selected acoustic artists, this specific instrument has gained in reputation due to the fact the initial string was strummed. Listed beneath are some of people artists.

No one can be unfamiliar with the name Johnny Cash who rocked the music scene till his death in 2003. A Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Mr. Money is one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Lasting a full fifty a long time of his unbelievable career, Mr. Money sold over 90 million albums. This acoustic artist primarily believed in the success of cross genre and his portfolio contains various art type like gospel, blues, rock and roll, folk, nation music and so on. Till date he is thought to be to be the most renowned Acoustic artist.

Bonnie Raitt is one one more Acoustic artist who however continues to make sure of the acceptance of this instrument. Her music primarily bargains with blues rock, blues and nation genres. Like Mr. Money, Raitt also has enjoyed results with cross-over music and her songs topped the chart a lot of a occasions. With a total of 9 Grammy Awards, she has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sheryl Crow first grasped the interest of the public in 1994 when her solo “All I Wanna Do” hit the major positions of the music charts. She has had numerous many years of continuous accomplishment considering that then and has been linked with wonderful artists like Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, and The Rolling Stones. She has accomplished her bit to the reputation of Acoustics guitar and her music portfolio incorporates folk, pop rock, nation, rock, blues rock etc. In spite of different genres, she is properly regarded for her pop music far more than anything at all else.

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