The best Wedding music!

As time goes by, it gets harder and harder to select that perfect selection of music for a room full of different age groups and different tastes.

Since the advent of YouTube, iTunes, Internet Radio etc people are much more aware of a broader range of genres, artists and songs.

In my 28 years of DJing around Australia and doing about 60 weddings a year, I have a general approach to most weddings, but I’m also aware that the mood of a Wedding reception can change within one or two songs.

A mix of old and new is always important as you will always have the oldies, parents, grandparents, aunts etc, and there will always be the ‘hip’ crowd that want to hear all the latest music that was released 2 hours before the wedding started.

The most important aspect of the night is mood and atmosphere. This is created in the early part of the night.It can even be said that it is subliminal. While the guests are busy talking and drinking and eating and drinking, you are subtly taking them on a roller coaster trip of music memorabilia and rhythmic progression with a climatic gradual increase in decibels.

If you plan the early part of the night right, they’ll be chomping at the bit to get up and party. Once you’ve warmed the crowd up you’ll ba able to get them to dance to just about anything. But, a word of warning, don’t get complacent. Keep the music strong and loudish. Feed them Old School classics that everyone knows and loves. Throw in some newbies (not too new, pick the Top 10 radio hits). Have some fun. You never make a mistake, even if you clear the floor, it’s an excuse to make a funny and show off your dance style.

If you let your bubbly, exciting personality shine all night, they will love you, doesn’t matter what you do.

Always look happy, excited, engaged, busy. Keeps the dance moves going all night. Make eye contact with the dance floor. If you’re the worst dancer, they’ll feel like the best dancer. Sing a long with some songs.

Show them how to have a good time. Even if the night is a slow start, never give up on a crowd. I guarantee they will eventually get the idea and eventually cut lose on the dance floor.

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